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Lastest Information on REX
Last Updated: Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hi Everyone -

I wanted to give everyone a progress report on REX.

All of our Unit Testing is complete now and we have completed our 13th build of our Alpha.

I recently sent our Alpha 13 build out to our test team and things went good. We have some additional areas we need to fix and a couple of interfaces we need to modify.

We will have one more Alpha build and we expect everything to go well with that. So if Alpha 14 is successful then we will be moving to FULL BETA and preparing for release. Once we get to this point I will immediately post that we are at BETA.

When we get to Full Beta we will start showing some interfaces.

While the gang is working on the Beta we will be finishing the touches on the manual and will TRY to get the manual to the public before release so you know how it all works.


I want to make it clear that we are not giving out a release date, but just a progress report. So I can not promise a time frame at this point.


Reed Stough

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